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According to Deathbat News that YouTube finally stuck with the deal with Warner Bros. Records. You know what that means. Avenged Sevenfold Videos. This was said by the New York Times Online News:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Warner Music Group and Google Inc’s YouTube said on Tuesday they have reached a deal which will see music videos from artists such as Madonna and Green Day once again feature on the popular website.

Though financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, executives said Warner Music would receive the majority of advertising revenue generated around the music clips.

“It sets us up for a sustainable partnership going forward by sharing revenues, where the vast majority of the revenues will be going to Warner Music associated with advertising when consumers watch or listen to the content on YouTube,” said Chris Maxcy, head of Music partnerships at YouTube on a conference call.

Warner, the world’s third largest music company, will have the ability to have a number of different YouTube channels representing artists, so will likely also sell against those various channels. Vivendi’s Universal Music, the No. 1 music company, currently has the most popular channel on YouTube.

Music videos from Warner’s acts were removed from the site after licensing agreement talks broke down last December over financial terms.

Music companies have long argued that popular social networking and online video sites should pay more to license music or music videos.

But such sites still generate small amounts of advertising revenue relative to their huge popularity and have pushed back against the labels in fraught negotiations.

The deal with Warner Music means YouTube will now feature videos from all the major music companies including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music.


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Corey Newland Albuquerque

Corey Newland Albuquerque

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Hey guys I just made a new myspace account at http://www.myspace.com/avengedsevenfoldf_a_n and give us some support!

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This footage was taken in 2008 at Tokyo, Japan. Enjoy!:

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Avenged_Sevenfold_photoAccording to MetalUnderground.com that Avenged Sevenfold will commence work on the brand new album in the studio starting next year with a world tour.

Orange County, California based rockers Avenged Sevenfold has announced that they will commence work on a brand new studio album next year along with a world tour to support the release. A message from guitarist Zacky Vengeance reads as follows:

“After touring the world for pretty much two years straight, the stars aligned and have us finishing up in Southern California and Las Vegas. If I could offer one piece of inside info it would be that these shows are the ones to see. We will be celebrating a very successful run and 10 years of madness that all started in the great state of California (though our friends in Las Vegas know how to throw a party so we can’t leave them out either). We are f*cking excited to be home and leave everything we have on the table before we get to work on a new kick-ass album. So I am personally inviting you to come out alongside our closest friends and family and leave the ear plugs at home as we throw down for these end-of-tour shows. Don’t be the one left out.” [source]

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